Traditional Zambian Cuisine You Must Try

#1 Nshima
Nshima is the staple food of Zambia made from finely ground maize flour called mealie meal, cooked by
mixing the corn meal with hot water to make a very thick porridge. It is served with a choice of relish
(known as ndiwo) usually meat or fish and one or two vegetables.


#2 Ifisashi
A traditional Zambian dish made by mixing pounded peanuts, tomatoes, onions and vegetables such as
spinach, collard greens, pumpkin leaves or cassava leaves. The mixture is cooked in the peanut sauce
until it achieves a desired consistency. Prepared during traditional ceremonies and family gatherings.

#3 Chikanda
Often referred to as African polony because of its meat-like texture, this dish is entirely vegetarian,
prepared with wild orchid tubers. The tubers are dried and pounded then combined with a mixture of
pounded peanuts, bicarbonate soda and chilli.


#4 Ifinkubala
Caterpillars are a popular delicacy in Zambia, they are soaked in hot water for a few minutes then fried
in oil, add some tomato and onion and usually served with nshima.


#5 Kapenta
Small dried sardine-type fish that are fried in oil with some tomatoes and onions and served in with

#6 Tute ne Mbalala
This is a country favourite snack. Dried Casava is soaked in water for a couple of days then roasted on a
brazier and served with roasted peanuts.

#7 Delele
Traditional dish prepared with a local plant or often times okra that is cooked by boiling water, alongside
sliced tomatoes and bicarbonate. It is well known for its slimy texture.

#8 Vitumbuwa
Fritters are fried dough balls of flour, sugar, yeast and water. They are a common tea time snack.

#9 Vegetables
There are plenty of seasonal vegetables that are eaten in Zambia such as spinach, collard greens, okra,
pumpkin leaves, cassava.