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Best Tour Operator in Zambia 2021 Ntanda Ventures


Off the beaten track, discover Zambia by road. A guided drive safari is packed with adventure, waterfalls, lakes and plenty of wildlife. Prepare for the most exciting journey in your life - driving through remote Zambia with an off-track 4x4 safari !

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Guided Drive Safari in North Zambia

  • Driving through the wilderness of North Zambia, with the comfort of a professional support team. 

  • Be stunned by millions of migrating fruit bats

  • Feel one with nature in super remote fully arranged bush camps.

  • Discover birds you have never seen in Africa's most important wetlands.  

  • Found out about local traditions and myths around the waterfalls of the north

  • Dive into the story of Stewart Gore-Brown who tried to rebuild a miniature England in the bush of Zambia 

Off the beaten track, discover the great North East of Zambia by car. 

Discover Zambia's remote north east with a guided self drive tour. 

Visit places very few tourist have been and see animals, landscapes, birds, vegetations and lakes so big you have never seen before. 


This safari tour is great for couples or small groups that love adventure, want to see new things, but want to have the comfort and safety of a team helping them to get the most out of their experience.


We help setting up camp,  drive when you don't want too. Provide guides that learn you all about the animals, people and the ancient stories and myths of Zambia's north and east.


Please note that this is an example tour, contact us with your wishes and together we great your dream safari drive holiday through Zambia.

Lumangwe falls Zambia Ntanda Ventures.jpg

Lumangwe falls 

Adventure, Waterfalls & Lakes

Description Guided Self Drive Tour

Map Great North Zambia Drive Route

Lusaka Kasanka National Park

We start our drive in Lusaka from where we go north to Kasanka National Park, on the south western edge of Lake Bangweulu. A birding paradise, but also home to one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on Earth – from October to December about 10 million Straw-coloured fruit bats migrate to a small patch of swamp forest in this park. Kasanka maybe a small park but is home to 479 bird species and 114 mammals, including the secretive, semi-aquatic Sitatunga the antelope that can live on land and water.

Accommodations ideas in Kasanka :

Wasa Lodge: simple but lovely on the edge of the Wasa Lake.

Luwombwa Lodge: basic lodge on the banks of the Luwombwa River overlooking a grassy floodplain, chalets have view on the river, good birdwatching possibilities.

Bangwelu Swamps

We continue our ride to the Bangwelu wetlands which means "where the water sky meets the sky". An important African wetland with almost 700 different species of birds, including the Shoebill stork. Also home of the endemic black lechwe.

We stay in the Nkondo camp managed by African Parks


Waterfalls of Zambia's great north

Further north we drive along several waterfalls, most of them play an important role in the believes of the indigenous people of the north and are sanctuaries of local spirits.  Waterfalls to see include;  Mumbuluma Falls - Ntumbachusi Falls - Lumangwe Falls - Kabwelume waterfalls - Chisimba Falls


From Chisimba Fall our drive continues south east to Kasama, where the worldwide fighting of WW1 ended at the Chambeshi River, on 14 November, 1918. 3 days after the official ending of the war. And one day after General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck captured Kasama, only then he was informed about the German surrender on 11 November in Europe.

We drive further north to Lake Tanganyika the 2nd largest freshwater lake of the world. Where you can find amazing beaches for snorkeling, fishing villages and the Nsumbu national park.  


We return south heading for the Kapishya Hot Springs (naturally sulphur free geothermal springs of crystal clear water reach the surface from thermal vents 7km below, giving the spring a perfect temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius.

Driving further south we go to the fascinating full with amazing stories Shiwa Ngandu - the dream project of Sir Stewart Gore-Brown who tried to build a miniature idealised England in the middle of tropical Africa. The estate had an impressive mansion, a hospital, school, post office and more. Living in this remote area Gore Brown's view on black Africans changed. And he wanted that white settlers lived more collaborative with the black Africans. He became a friend with the founding father of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda. In 1992 his daughter who took care of the building was murdered by the ANC. Today Charly Harvey, the grandson of Stewart is managing the estate, he restored the Mansion and opened it for the public. The live of Gore Brown was the inspiration of the novel "The Africa House" written by Christina Lamb in 1999.

Go further via the windy pretty road down into North Luangwa from where we go to our last destination South Luangwa - another amazing spot for wildlife spotting, walking safaris and star gazing  - before we head back to Lusaka

Kasanka National Park.webp

Fruitbat Migration in Kasanka National Park. 

Rare-black-lechwe-jumping-over-water Bangwelu Swamps Zambia Ntanda Ventures.jpg

Endemic black lechwe in Bangwelu Wetland

Lake Tanganyika  Zambia Ntanda Ventures.jpg

Lake Tanganykia

Kapishya hotsprings Zambia Ntanda Ventures.jpg

Kapishya Hot Springs

Lake Tanganyika

Shiwa house Zambia Ntanda Ventures.jpg

Shiwa Ngandu

The above routes is an example route for a guided self drive tour through Zambia. For more information discover more to experience in Zambia

Ntanda Ventures will arrange everything you need from planning the route, selecting the right accommodations  and the vehicle, and of course the best guides to who let you explore Zambia in the most amazing way .


Our independence means we can book any camp in the country, and our experience helps us recommend Zambia tours tailored just for you!

Why Join Ntanda Ventures on a Zambian Safari  

  • Only operator in Zambia with Indepth Safari Lodge Expertise

    • We personally assess all our accommodations on a yearly basis and know them inside out including their latest health and covid 19 protocols

  • We'll take real Care of you

    • From the moment you land, till you fly out. We deliver safaris that are packed with extra value. We'll make sure your trip to Zambia will be a life long memory.

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