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Best Tour Operator in Zambia 2021 - Ntanda Ventures

Updated: Jun 7

WE WON THE INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL AWARD for Best Tour Operator in Zambia 2021.

Learn about the hidden gems of Zambia discovered in 2021.

We are super proud to have won our Nomination in the International travel Awards as The BEST Tour Operator in Zambia 2021!

Thank you to all our Wonderful Clients for making this happen and a big thank you to the lodges that have worked tirelessly with us throughout the last 18 months of these difficult times.

The support we have had from our local and the international clients that “dared to travel” to Zambia has been fantastic. I think Zambians learnt more about their country than ever before. The adventures and secret gems of this beautiful country that have been discovered during Covid have resulted in so many enquiries for off the beaten track travel.

Whether you want to see the source of the Zambezi in a relatively undiscovered area of Zambia and an excellent birding area and stay in a charming lodge overlooking the breathtaking view of the crater (in the corner of the North Western Province near Mwinilunga) or chase the stunning Waterfalls in the Northern Province via the Kasanka National Park and Lake Bangwelu and end up on the beaches of Lake Tanganyika, there plenty adventure for everyone.

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