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“Norman Carr was a man ahead of his time and was the bold innovator of the walking safari.”

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As you walk through the African Bush, you feel a sense of freedom and excitement as you wonder what might be lurking behind the next bush. Walking Safaris are great for solo , couples or small group of friends adventures and nature lovers who want to see wildlife in their natural habitat.


South Luangwa National Park is definitely one of the best parks in Africa due its concentration of wildlife. Also known as “Valley of the Leopards” due to regular sightings. This is where the first walking safari Zambia took place. In 2017 the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) declared South Luangwa the first sustainable wildlife park in Africa. The big 4 are all in South Luangwa and the Black Rhino is found in North Luangwa (walking safaris only). Kafue National park, Lower Zambezi National Park and Liuwa Plain home of the second largest wildebeest migration also offer walking safaris. Zambian parks are remote and unspoilt. They still offer the feel of the original safari experience of days gone by. We can help you find an affordable walking safari to meet your budget. Guides : Zambian guides are rated as some of the best in Africa and have to complete a very high standard of training.

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Walking Safaris in Zambia

  • Get your heart rate up from excitement while you see amazing animals in their natural habitats. 

  • Be surprised by the tiny beautiful things below you while walking.

  • Have the best bush picknicks ever.

  • See wild animals from a new perspective 

  • Learn in depth about the secrets of Zambia's nature. 

Where to go for a walking safari in Zambia

South Luangwa National Park is definitely one of the best parks in Africa for walking safaris due to its concentration of wildlife. The park is also known as the “Valley of the Leopards” due to regular sightings. South Luangwa is where the first walking safari in Zambia took place. Big game like Lions, Buffalo, Giraffe are all seen in South Luangwa National Park and the Black Rhino is found in North Luangwa National Park.

 Kafue National park, Lower Zambezi National Park, and Liuwa Plain home of the second-largest wildebeest migration also offer walking safaris. In general Zambian parks are remote and unspoiled. They still offer the feel of an original safari experience of days gone by. Contact us to find the perfect walking safaris from affordable to an thought of every detail luxury package



Ants building a house spotted walking safaris Zambia Ntanda Ventures



Ants are efficient predators of other insects, which helps to keep insect populations under control. Ants loosen the soil in the same way as earthworms do and improve air and water movement into the Earth.



Find guinea fowl feathers.

Flocks of guineas kill and eat mice and small rats. In addition, guinea fowl can be used to control insects. Wild guineas eat mainly insects and flocks have been known to attack snakes.

Guinea fowl feather found on walking safaris in Zambia Ntanda Ventures
Carpenter termites spotted walking safaris in Zambia Ntanda Ventures



Pick nick in the bush. Take a break to enjoy delicious home made biscuits and coffee/tea.



Carpenter ants clean up pest debris and promote composting of rotting wood. A beneficial insect. Although they do not eat wood as termites do, they seek out and destroy damp or rotting wood in which to make their nests. And they are very good at it.

Refreshments on walking safari Zambia Ntanda Ventures

What you need to know about Walking Safaris Zambia

Wild dogs spotted on zambia walking safaris ntanda ventures
Giraffe close encounter walking safaris  Zambia Ntanda Ventures

When : In peak season (walking is only done in the dry season May – November depending on the rains)

Why : A walking safari will engage all of your senses and let you see the little 5, the green 5 and the ugly 5.

Dress :  You'll need a pair of comfortable, closed, and sturdy walking shoes with a thick and robust sole and light flexible clothing.

Guides : Zambian guides are rated as some of the best in Africa and have to complete a very high standard of training.

Carry : A sunblock, and a hat with chin strap, a bottle of water and your binoculars. Lightweight clothes are also advised, adding a little more comfort on your trip.

Safety : Safety is a top priority when it comes to walking. Guides know what they are doing and have the knowledge and understanding of the bush. Follow their instructions.

Experience : Not only will you be able to view animals like elephant, buck, baboons, birds and hippos from a different perspective, you’ll also notice the little things; insects, small mammals, reptiles and uniquely adapted flora that is just waiting to be discovered. You will also learn about animal tracking, medicinal plants, the beautiful and the useful flora of Zambia and so much more as you walk through the wilderness.

Rates : Zambia caters for all pockets. Budget camps tend to be near the park gate and luxury (walking only) camps are more remote inside the park.  

1 day or multi day walking safari tours  

Multi day walking safaris are the perfect way to immerse yourself in the African bush and get up close and personal with the wildlife. You'll sleep in luxury tents in bushcamps  or fly camps in the middle of the bush and spend your days walking through the wilderness on guided nature walks. These safaris are perfect for those who want to get away from it all and really experience Africa's natural beauty.

For a true walking safari you will walk from one fly camp (temporary walking camps)  to another and sometimes have the chance to sleep under the stars.  Bush camps are a great option for those who want to experience the walking safari but still have a little luxury, as they're usually located a couple of hours drive from the main camps in the park. Most bushcamps offer a variety of safari activities, including game drives, walking safaris and night drives. And, of course, you'll also be able to relax in your camp after a long day of exploring.

A  short safari walk is a great way to feel active, get the feeling of what a walking safari is and the small gems of the bush as well as some animals . These walks are offered instead of a game drive and typically  3-4 hour walk in the the early morning while it is still cool.

Whether you're looking for the ultimate safari adventure or just want to enjoy some time in the bush, there's always a walking safari that's perfect for you.


"One of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had. A walking safari in Zambia gave me an opportunity to experience nature in a whole new way, My senses were heightened with every smell and sound. Every crackle of leaves or sudden movement left me on edge- anticipating what was coming next but being ready for anything no matter how large or small it may be!

Thank you Kerry for your amazing recommendations they exceeded all my expectations!

Best Parks to Visit for a Zambia Walking Safari  

South Luangwa National Park


One of the the finest safari parks in Zambia is South Luangwa National Park! The national park offers a wide range of animal viewing adventures, as well as exceptional quality of walking safaris that have raised the bar across Africa. The national park is a true safari paradise and offers visitors a once in a lifetime opportunity to see some of the most amazing animals on earth up close and personal!

North Luangwa National Park 


The remote, untouched feel of Northern Luangwa National Park has made it a favorite among wildlife lovers. It is found to the north of South Luangwa National Park in eastern Zambia, sharing its habitat with its southern counterpart, which is bordered on the west by the spectacular Muchinga Escarpment and on the east by the Luangwa River. Whether you want to see some of Zambia's iconic animals such as lions, leopards, and elephants or simply want to appreciate the serenity and beauty of this untouched part of Africa, North Luangwa is a great choice.

Kafue National Park National Park

Kafue National Park is the largest national park in Zambia and one of the largest in Africa.The reserve, which is 22,400 square kilometers in size and encompasses a variety of varied settings, including plains, forests, rivers and marshes. The park also supports a large population of wildlife, including lions, leopards, elephants and giraffes. Kafue is a less-visited park, but it offers a unique opportunity to experience the diverse landscapes and wildlife of Zambia.

Itineraries with Walking Safaris 

Best Value Zambia Safari

star gazing bed

Star Gazing Bed - Three Rivers Bush Camp - South Luangwa from where you can make walking safaris.

Discover unique Zambia during this 11 days best value safari tour.  Visit the national parks of South Luangwa in the east and Lower Zambezi in the south of Zambia. We conclude the trip with a visit to the iconic Victoria falls. 

The safari tour has daily game drives in the national park but also plenty of time to relax and enjoy your holiday in a pool, gazing at animals, rejuvenate in a spa. 

In South Luangwa their is a possibility for a walking safari around a bush camp. 

The best value Zambia safari tour is great for adventure loving families.

sunset river drinks lower zambezi  baines river camp zambia safari ntanda ventures.jpg

Our independence means we can book any camp in the country, and our experience helps us recommend Zambia tours tailored just for you!

Why Join Ntanda Ventures on a Zambian Safari Tour 

  • Only operator in Zambia with Indepth Safari Lodge Expertise

    • We personally assess all our accommodations on a yearly basis and know them inside out including their latest health and covid 19 protocols

  • We'll take real Care of you

    • From the moment you land, till you fly out. We deliver safaris that are packed with extra value. We'll make sure your trip to Zambia will be a life long memory.