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Visit the fairytale beaches of Zanzibar in combination with a Zambian Safari

Zanzibar is an island paradise in the Tanzanian southeast coast near mainland Africa and a great place to relax and soak up the sun. Zanzibar island is home to some beautiful mosques and historical sites. A perfect ending of a family safari in Zambia or fresh up after a guided self drive.  

On the main island of Zanzibar, you find Stone town a historic trade center in Zanzibar Town the capital, with Swahili and Islamic influences with towering minarets and beautifully carved doorways from centuries ago.

The Zanzibar beaches are great to relax and soak up the sun and among the most beautiful in all Africa, with gently sloping sand, crystal-clear water and fresh seafood.

Visitors can experience swimming with dolphins, seeing the Aldabra giant tortoises, do island hopping, tasting delicious local food and of course relax and do nothing on the beautiful beaches during their Zanzibar holiday.

Enjoy the picturesque sunset, coral reefs, fishing villages of local people at the beaches of Zanzibar

As a post-safari tour, take a relaxing beach holiday in Zanzibar the main African beach paradise. Especially for couples, Zanzibar is a great romantic closer of a fantastic African holiday.


Ntanda Ventures, will guide you to the best beaches in Zanzibar and arranges activities like guided forest walks, snorkeling, diving trips to explore the marine life, reef safaris, and staying at great resorts for the right price.

Contact us for a Zanzibar Holiday Packages as add on to your Zambia Safari

The climate on the east coast of Africa varies depending upon which side you're looking at, but average temperatures are warm all year round. The long dry season, with little rain lasts throughout June, July, August, September and October. Temperatures vary hugely with altitude and location, but it's usually a fine, clear sky and sunny weather – it's the best time to visit Zanzibar. During November and December there's another rainy season: the 'short rains'.

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Recommended Beaches of Zanzibar

The beaches of Zanzibar are amongst the best in Africa. Underneath a selection of our favorites to select during our Zanzibar holidays.

Kizimkazi Beach

If you love staying at secluded beaches to escape the tourist crowds, then consider Kizimkazi Beach which is located in the southern region of Zanzibar. The beach is well-known for it's small fishing village and dolphin safaris. This beach is unspoiled by tourism and offers many bays and attractions, including old historical buildings. The nearby village has the oldest functioning Shirazi mosque in all of East Africa. Visitors can enjoy many water sports like sailing, kayaking, scuba diving and more. You can also observe dolphins and migrating whales from observation platforms and elevations. There's nothing like staying in a nice, relaxing luxury beachfront resort at Kizimkazi beach, a top recommendation for couples to. 

Matemwe Beach

The perfect place to relax on Zanzibar spice island is Matemwe Beach. A popular palm fringed beach, and a great spot for a romantic getaway with  spectacular sunsets.

If you're feeling adventurous there are expert-guided scuba diving tours that will show you the beautiful underwater world, that is waiting for you inside the waves.

For coral reefs, visit the coral-fringed lagoon on the quiet northeast coast of Zanzibar. Don't miss to explore the local culture around Zanzibar's longest beach.

You can find some amazing resorts under the palm trees of Matemwe beach that will make you feel like a royalty with their luxurious amenities, like pool side lounges or restaurants serving food by private chefs!

Contact us for a Zanzibar Vacation Packages as add on to your Zambia Safari

Bwejuu Beach

The south-east coast of the island is home to a small, white sand beach known as Barefoot Beach House. This location offers guests all types of activities including snorkeling and swimming in clear water with beautiful coral reefs just off shore!

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