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Where is the location of the Mighty Victoria Falls?

The Mighty Victoria Falls, also known to those who know it as ‘The smoke that thunders' of Southern Africa. This is more than just a UNESCO world heritage site and stands for more than just being one of the seven natural wonders near the Livingstone town. It is the heartbeat of Zambia, and its gorges are the veins. Rich is symbolism and even richer in history of Livingstone surrounding area.

Previously known to the local Batonga people as ‘Mosi - oa - Tunya’ the spectacular sight borders the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe side with the spectacular site plummeting more than five hundred million cubic meters of water per minute plummet over the edge, over a width of nearly two kilometres, into a gorge over one hundred meters below which can be witnessed during the countries Rainy Season which is between Mid November through to April each year.

The Mosi Oa Tunya National Park is the protected area in Zambia that includes the Victoria Falls. While it may be the highlight of the national park, visitors can also go on a half-day safari that includes the opportunity to see white rhinos, elephants, buffalos and other wildlife during your game drive. The columns of spray rising to the sky can be seen from a distance of about six miles. The size of the falls is twice that of Niagara.

sunrise at Victoria Falls

Crossing Victoria Falls Bridge

The Victoria Falls offers something special for everyone which makes it that much more exquisite. You take a walk down the steps to the Boiling Pot on the Zambian side, where you'll get a unique view of the falls and its bridge that stretches over the gorge. This is the point at which the river takes a turn to the Batoka Gorge. For the adrenaline seekers, across the Main Falls, there is the infamous ‘Devil's pool’ offering spectacular panoramic views of the falls which you can swim in, if you are extra brave, it also pays homage to Mr David Livingstone as you bypass Livingstone Island along the way, which also makes for the perfect teatime spot for our tea addicts. For a breathtaking view of the eastern cataract and up the main gorge, you can walk across the knife-edge bridge or take a day trip. For those who aren’t so daring, you can catch sight of the view. Close enough to feel the spray, buy far enough to feel grounded.

Moonbow of victoria waterfall

Victoria Falls is the only location in Africa and just one of a handful of places on earth where the impressive natural phenomenon of the ‘moonbow’ or lunar rainbow can be witnessed. This usually occurs at Full moon only.

Lunar rainbows occur during the Zambezi River’s high-water season at Victoria Falls. This means that full moons falling within the months of February to August are the best time to glimpse this enchanting sight.

Get wonderful sight of Victoria Waterfall on the broad Zambezi River

The Victoria Falls mark the division between the middle and upper Zambezi river. The Falls is home to multiple gorges. Namely, The First, Second, Third, Forth and Fifth Gorges and Lastly, the Songwe Gorge which can be rafted between with our avid White Water Rafting Dream. By nightfall, the Falls becomes even more spectacular, offering lunar rainbows when the light of the full moon hits the Falls, also known as a ‘Moonbow’. This on its own is a sight to behold, particularly for our photographer fundies. During the annual flood season, the spray mist from the falls typically rises to 400 metres, it s so great that it can be double at times. This can only be fully appreciated from an aerial viewpoint that you should visit during your trips.

Victoria Waterfall

Whilst there are elephants in Livingstone, it is home to Crocodiles and big ones at that and so it is important to be always mindful of those. The Victoria Falls stands firm in all her glory both by day and by nightfall. She is a spectacular site for the eye to see and is A definite must on your bucket list of experiences to tick off.

When to Go: Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls

The majestic Victoria Falls is a year-round destination, each season offering a unique perspective of this natural wonder. If you're seeking to witness the falls at its most powerful and spectacular, visit between February and May, just after the region's summer rains when the Zambezi River is at its fullest. For adventure enthusiasts, August to January offers safer conditions for activities like white-water rafting and swimming in the Devil's Pool. Experience a thrilling and unique perspective of this World Heritage site with lower water levels.


Zambian born and the founder of Ntanda, Kerry’s love of Zambia was nurtured from a young age where she spent many years as a child in the Luangwa Valley.

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