At Ntanda, we have a deep commitment to the well-being of our local community in Chingola. Our tree planting initiative harnesses Zambia's fertile climate to transform avocado, paw paw, and nut tree seeds into flourishing trees, which we wholeheartedly donate to the community. This not only combats hunger but also celebrates the year-round abundance of our region. In collaboration with the Aquila Foundation, we are dedicated to enhancing menstrual health for women and girls. We deeply appreciate and champion local craftsmanship, guaranteeing that all our giveaways exemplify the extraordinary skills and dedication of artisans in Chingola. Contribute to this initiative through your bookings with Ntanda.

South Luangwa National Park - Victoria Falls

6 Nights at Wildlife Camp & Victoria Falls Waterfront

Experience the captivating allure of Zambia in a 7-day immersive journey, seamlessly blending the raw beauty of South Luangwa National Park with the breathtaking majesty of Victoria Falls in Livingstone. Dive deep into the heart of Africa, waking up to the calls of the wild in South Luangwa and marveling at the world-renowned waterfall's splendor in Livingstone. From thrilling game drives and authentic village tours to awe-inspiring views of the 'Smoke that Thunders', this tour promises an unforgettable blend of nature, culture, and luxury—all tailored for the discerning traveler. Dive in and let Zambia's magic envelop you.

This Tour starts in Ndola and ends in Livingstone

From USD2350 per person sharing


Impact Safari

Experience the heart of Chingola through Ntanda's impactful travel experiences, meticulously designed to make a genuine difference. With convenient access via leading airlines like Ethiopian, Kenya Airways, or Proflight to Ndola, Chingola unveils a realm of transformative journeys that benefit both the traveler and the local community. Immerse yourself in authentic local activities, from memorable days at our vibrant dam brimming with delightful games for children, to captivating visits to Chimfunshi. Engage in empowering HIV-positive women and champion sustainable initiatives like the Empower Her project. Join us in crafting not just a trip, but an inspiring story in Chingola that resonates with purpose, adventure, and change.


  • Experience a day at the local dam, complemented with a visit to Chimfunshi.
  • Engage and support initiatives tailored for women living with HIV.
  • Collaborate and contribute to community projects focusing on the elderly, abandoned, and disabled.
  • Play a pivotal role in mentoring students at Eden School.
  • Lend a hand in the "Empower Her" reusable menstrual pad project.
  • Dedicate time to maintenance work at various community projects and schools.
  • Dive into the local culture with farm work in vegetable gardens.
  • Visit a local game farm and acquaint yourself with Zambia's rich fauna.
  • Spend a day at the renowned Chimfunshi Chimpanzee Sanctuary, getting up close with our primate relatives.

Ntanda's Initiatives

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Why Positive Impact Travel

Positive Impact Travel with Ntanda goes beyond the usual tourist experience. It's a commitment to Zambia's heart and soul. We champion community-based tourism, supporting hidden gems that uplift locals. From planting trees to combat hunger, to partnering with the Aquila Foundation for women's well-being, every journey with us contributes to meaningful change. Plus, our giveaways celebrate local craftsmanship, ensuring every trip touches lives. With Ntanda, travel isn't just about seeing—it's about making a difference.

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Impact Safari


Help to preserve cultural heritage and traditions, promote cultural exchange, and provide opportunities for education and personal growth with EmpowerHEr.

EmpowerHer is an Ntanda initiative to uplift women (and youths) through education and inclusion. All profits go into making reuseable sanitary pads for girls, building toilets at our local school and upliftment though education programmes or projects.

All our safaris will include a donation to this project from 2024.

Ntanda has chosen to support projects in our local community (Musenga, Chingola) which does not see many tourists. Book a local trip for impact with us and the community benefits and spoil yourself with a safari afterwards. We have some great options to tailor make itineraries for guests to contribute their time and talents in the Chingola community.

These may include

CHINGOLA, ZAMBIA  -  4 night package from USD926 per person sharing

DAY 1-  Arrive in Ndola  Transport from Ndola to Chingola - Overnight in Lodge on Bed and Breakfast

DAY 2/3 - Transport to Musenga Secondary School and spend 2 days sharing your talents and time. (lunch is included from the local roadside cafe and is a great local initiative.)

Activities can include -

  • Soccer Matc
  • Reading and Teaching children about the Animals of Zambia and how they benefit tourism
  • Sewing of Empower Her Reusable Menstrual pads.
  • Cook local food with the school children, which would then serve as their snack.
  • Maintenance  of school projects
  • Tree planting
  • Reading to children
  • Teaching children arts and craft (any recycling ideas are most welcome) * you may need to bring supplies depending on your ideas
  • A visit to a local game farm for children to some wild animals with picnic lunch  *addtional transport charges may apply

DAY 3 - Spend the morning at Musenga School and the learn to cook local food with Sally at her farm the traditional, local way with local ingredients we will buy at the market (this is great fun) and you can donate the food to the Maternity ward/clinic near the Cafe.

DAY 4 - Chimfunshi Chimpanzee sanctuary  we will supply and share lunch with the chimps carers

DAY 5 - Transport to Ndola airport  

this experience is co-designed with Positive Impact Tourism

all transfers, 4 nights accommodation at Icon Hotel, 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, trip to Chimfunshi and entry, drinking water on day2/3/4


dinners, drinks, travel insurance, flights


  • We plant the pips from the numerous avocadoes, paw paws and nut trees we have on the plot and donate the trees to the community. We have a brilliant climate in Zambia and there is something in fruit throughout the year. We can stop hunger through planting fruit trees.
  • Ntanda is working with EmpowerHER are working project to keep women and girls in sanitary pads and are very excited to be  involved in this new project. We will be buying and donating these pads on your behalf for the schools in Chingola.
  • All our giveaways are made by local craftsmen and women.
  • The Local Musenga training center is a local initiative to help and educate school leavers to learn basic computer skills so that they can find gainful employment. Ntanda assist Click Point by donating our old computer and printers, which are recycled and reused. We are always looking for donations of any computer equipment from private individuals or businesses.
  • Two of our our very own team members Ethel and Tina attended this fantastic program.
  • If you would like to donate any old laptops or desktops please contact the training centre directly by emailing
  • By focusing on skills development and employee training, it enhances job security and enables the local workforce to take on specialized roles

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Impact Safari

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Impact Safari

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