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Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Zanzibar offers so much more than just a beach holiday – it's an experience like no other! With its tranquil beaches, crystal clear waters and lush tropical forests, Zanzibar is the perfect destination to relax and unwind. Explore the amazing coral reefs teeming with vibrant marine life or take a guided tour of Stone Town and discover its rich history and culture. Whether you're looking for adventure or relaxation, Zanzibar has something for everyone with best of beautiful beaches in the world! Make your Zanzibar holiday packages extra special by taking part in activities like snorkeling, kayaking, dhow sailing and deep sea fishing.



  • See the Zanzibar red colobus monkey in the Jozani Forest
  • Visit the Seaweed Center right in Paje where local women make products from the abundance of seaweed around the island.
  • Visit to Stone Town which is “Palace of Wonders”, the tallest building in Stone Town and a main Zanzibar point of interest
  • Enjoy the fresh grilled seafood from the open-air food market vendors
  • Go to the Paje beach where hip cafes, burger joints, kite surfing companies, bars, and hostels are making it one of the great places to visit in Zanzibar
  • Explore the “spice island” which is producing world-renowned clove, nutmeg, vanilla and cinnamon
  • Visit the Zanzibar Butterfly Center and immerse yourself in a sea of fluttering wings
  • Keep snorkeling or see a hidden lagoon before enjoying a seafood buffet lunch on Kwale Island
  • See the nearby tortoise sanctuary from the prison island

Things to do on Zanzibar Beach Holidays

Kizimkazi Beach

Looking for a secluded beach to escape the tourist crowds? Then consider Kizimkazi Beach which is located in the southern region of Zanzibar, is well-known for small fishing village dolphin safaris. This beach is unspoiled by tourism and offers many bays and attractions, including old buildings. The nearby village has the oldest functioning Shirazi mosque in all of East Africa. Visitors can enjoy thousands of water sports like sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, etc. You can also observe dolphins and migrating whales from observation platforms and elevations. There's nothing like a nice, relaxing stay at the luxury beachfront resorts which is one of the top experiences for couples to travel. 

Matemwe Beach

The perfect place to relax on Zanzibar spice island is Matemwe Beach. With its popular beaches and palm fringed beaches, it's the best spot for a romantic getaway with palm trees and spectacular sunsets or just some family time together!

If you're feeling adventurous there are expert-guided scuba diving tours that will take your breath away with all sorts of beautiful underwater worlds waiting inside those waves.

If your are interested coral reefs, visit to the coral-fringed lagoon on the quiet north east coast of Zanzibar. Don't miss to explore local culture at this Zanzibar longest beach.

You can find some amazing resorts under the palm trees that will make you feel like royalty with their luxurious amenities, from poolsides lounges or restaurants serving food by private chefs!

Bwejuu Beach

The south-east coast of the island is home to a small, white sand beach known as Barefoot Beach House. This location offers guests all types of activities including snorkeling and swimming in clear water with beautiful coral reefs just off shore!

There are best beach resorts on this private island, bwejuu beach that overlook this popular destination so you can always enjoy your stay without any distractions or worries about crowds.

Pongwe Beach

Pongwe Beach is a pristine white beach which is located on the east coast of Zanzibar. Home to some great stunning beaches such as The Rock Restaurant which offers activities like snorkeling for those who want an adventure!

The white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters protected by an offshore reef make it a popular destination for dolphin sighting, swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Home to Tulia Beach Resort, a luxurious getaway for solo travelers and honeymooners alike. If you're looking for an zanzibar vacation packages deals that are still affordable, Pongwe is definitely worth considering!

Paje Beach

Paje Beach is characterized by a long white sandy beach, shallow waters and windy conditions all year-round. As the beach slope is flat, it is a safe place to enjoy for the families with children. Besides, some would say it’s the kite surfers paradise. Paje Beach is a great starting spot to explore the beaches in Zanzibar and the rest of the archipelago.

The Beach has easy access to historical sites, iconic cultural locations and secret bays that make for the perfect romantic lunch at the beach resorts.  The beach has upscale all inclusive resort, great bars and nightlife, with live music several nights a week. A great spot if you are looking to meet new people, kite surfing and enjoy some cocktails.

Nungwi Beach

Nungwi beach, one major beach of Zanzibar is located at the northern tip of it and has over 20 dive spots and some really zanzibar beach hotels for honeymooners.

Things to do in Nungwi beach consist mostly of snorkelling, scuba diving, boating, thriving nightlife,  enjoying local flavors and walking around the villages.

Zanzibar Nungwi Beach itself is a village that has been famous for its shipbuilding (the ever-present dhows) for over 500 years.

Nungwi is one of best beaches in zanzibar which can see dolphins, green turtles and whale sharks at some time of years.

The fish auction on the beach is open to all who want to come by to purchase or just look on. I'd also suggest a visit to the lighthouse where there's a small aquarium filled with turtles.

Michamvi Beach

Mangapwani is a small, wild and white sand beach located on the west coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania. Remote coral lagoon michamvi is the best known in southeast coast.

It is a great place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are plenty of things to do for families in Mangapwani, regardless of the low tide.

Mangapwani is a great place to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The activities on offer include swimming, snorkelling, sea kayaking, diving, water sports, dhow trips and nature trails plus visits to a dhow workshop on its soft white sand.

Prison island

The tranquil this island, Chinguu Island is a pleasant spot in Zanzibar. Its world famous island name is got from the prison which was established on the island around 1860 where rebellious slaves are detained.

Seeing the Seychellian tortoises is the main attraction for tourists. The British governors Seychelles give them as the gift since 1919 and these tortoises are over 100 years old.

You can reach PrisonIsland by boat only which takes about 20 minutes. Snorkeling at the island is a must-do activity for visitors.

Spicy Tour

After your beach vacation, you have other things to do in Zanzibar island. It is a spicy tour exploring the spice plantation of nutmeg, cloves, vanilla and so on.

You can get the inauthentic cookie-cutter experiences just like the gourmet journey in Zambia.

Stone Town

The old town of Zanzibar, also known as Stonetown or Mji Mkongwe (Swahili for "old"), is the main city on this island in Tanzania. Visiting stone town, with its mix African and Indian cultures can feel the ancient time of Africa that retain their original beauty.

The old colonial buildings blend seamlessly into intricately carved doorways from all over East Africalia--giving you an authentic taste as well!

A chaotic maze-like alleyway stands between looming limestone houses with ornately carved arched hardwood doors and brass finishes; it's no wonder this place would make any traveler feel like they're walking through time at this UNESCO Heritage Site.

If you're looking for an affordable tropical getaway, Zanzibar is the perfect place to escape to. At Ntanda Ventures, we offer a range of holiday packages to Zanzibar that cater to all types of travelers. From Zanzibar holidays package that cover flights, accommodation and activities, we've got you covered.

At Ntanda Ventures, we understand that planning a vacation can be stressful, which is why we offer a range of Zanzibar vacations packages that take care of all the details for you. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation or a bit of both, our expert team of travel consultants will work with you to create the perfect Zanzibar holiday deals that caters to your specific needs and budget. Contact us today to book your dream getaway to Zanzibar!

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit to Zanzibar best beaches is during Spring Time (June to October) and summer (December to February)

Visitors can go from Ndola or Lusaka to Dar-Salaam by flight or by bus. It takes more time but it is flexible for anything. You can see the giraffe and African animals during your bus trip.

Train- begins in Dar es Salaam and ends in Kapiri, Zambia. For a train journey, it will be a nice ride through the national park, one of the most enchanted railway journey in Africa.

You need to book the online tickets in advance for the ferry at Dar. It is an adventure experience but the ferry is safe and comfortable.

In your border-crossing Zambia to Tanzania, you have to prepare your passport and the cash USD as they accept only dollars.

Choose your desired accommodation where you stay. You can take day-trips to other of islands of Zanzibar archipelago

Dive into a new world with NTANDA

With the various Zanzibar holiday specials on offer, it's more affordable than expected to experience this stunning island off the coast of Tanzania. Walk along the white sand beaches, swim in the crystal-clear waters, and explore the narrow streets of Stone Town to discover its rich heritage. Take a fancy beach holiday in Zanzibar by visiting the main African beach paradise. Zanzibar Beaches will be the best choice for romantic East Africa Honeymoon. 

We, Ntanda Ventures, will guide you to the best beaches in Zanzibar for guided forest walk, snorkeling, diving trips to explore marine life, reef safari, dolphin tourism and staying at zanzibar hotel.

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Brandon M

We had an incredible 3 nights at Blue Zebra. Our room and the views from it were great. All the staff are very helpful and friendly.

We had an incredible 3 nights at Blue Zebra. Our room and the views from it were great. All the staff are very helpful and friendly.

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The food was excellent and the gardens and facilities were well-maintained and gorgeous. A really special place to relax and unwind - and if you are a bird-watcher, there is plenty to see

The food was excellent and the gardens and facilities were well-maintained and gorgeous. A really special place to relax and unwind - and if you are a bird-watcher, there is plenty to see

Stefan on Tripadvisor

I didn't expect so much beauty. Birds and lizards everywhere, fish eagles flying, and a great choice of accommodation types, from wild platforms over the water's edge to luxurious villas with world class views. Beautiful garden with hammocks but also wild footpaths with pure nature.

I didn't expect so much beauty. Birds and lizards everywhere, fish eagles flying, and a great choice of accommodation types, from wild platforms over the water's edge to luxurious villas with world class views. Beautiful garden with hammocks but also wild footpaths with pure nature.

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