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Enjoy a taste of what a safari holiday in Zambia with Ntanda Ventures will offer you.

If you're looking for a true African adventure, then travel to Zambia with Ntanda Ventures. These videos are just some highlights from our experiences in this beautiful country!

Courtship or fun?

Male impalas usually engage in a fight for two reasons: for courtship (during the breeding season; called rutting), or for fun. In the video example the young bachelors are just playing and testing their skills against one another. Safari in South Luangwa Zambia. SOUTH LUANGWA NATIONAL PARK SAFARI “The valley of the leopards” in eastern Zambia is the South Luangwa National Park, world-renowned for havens of wildlife in 9050 square kilometres. Safari in Zambia with Ntanda Ventures. Book a safari and experience a once in a life time experience:

Wild Dog Night Drive Safari

The African wild dog also called the African painted dog and the African hunting dog, is a wild canine which is a native species to sub-Saharan Africa. In an exciting win for wildlife conservation regionally, the Luangwa Valley now boasts the largest population of African wild dogs in Zambia. Safari in Zambia with Ntanda Ventures. Book a safari and experience a once in a life time experience:

Feel the beat of the drum

With over 70 ethnic groups, Zambian Culture is highly diverse. Traditional Zambian music is characterized by a lot of singing and dancing. The instrument that is played more than any other is the drum. We loved the handmade musical instruments and of course the headdress. @chunduvillage Safari in Zambia Ntanda Ventures. Book a safari and experience a once in a life time experience:

She's The Boss

Whilst on a wildlife safari game drive in Luangwa National Park Zambia, we observed a rate sighting of mating lions. We managed to capture this extraordinary occurrence on video so that we could share this once in a lifetime experience with you!

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Wild Dog a highly sought after sighting on safari

Just in from our happy clients at Mfuwe Lodge. On a safari night drive, they experienced wild dogs eating their dinner. Wild dogs are the most successful predators in Africa and a highly sought after sighting on safari. African wild dogs are endangered mostly due to ongoing habitat fragmentation, conflict with human activities and infectious diseases. Thank you @Rohit for sharing your experience and glad to hear you will be back.

VIP Guests pay a visit to Mfuwe Lodge

Just in from our happy clients at Mfuwe Lodge. Each year at Mfuwe Lodge, some very special guests pay a visit. Whole families of elephants have been regular guests at the lodge for a number of years, visiting between late October, and mid-December to feast on the fallen fruits from the large Wild Mango (Cordyla africana) tree in the lodge grounds. The fact that a large safari lodge is built around this delicious food store is of no concern to them after all, why walk the extra few metres to go around, when there are some nice steps and a tiled reception lobby to saunter through each day? At least three generations of one particular elephant family have returned annually and their unusual dining habits and unique behaviour has been the focus of many a TV documentary, photograph, video, newsworthy article, and even children's books.Thank you @Rohit for sharing this spectacular experience and glad to hear you will be back.Contact Us to experience extraordinary Mfuwe vacations with Ntanda Ventures

Ntanda Ventures explores the Twin Baobab trees in Lower Zambezi

Twin Baobab trees in the lower Zambezi - Zambia , with great history as they were used by the army in the Northern and Southern Rhodesian Liberation Wars.

Elephants of Mfuwe

Every year when the mangoes are ripe a family of wild elephants visit Mfuwe Lodge. Led by their matriarch Wonky Tusk they carefully make their way through the Lodge's reception area and onto the the grounds where the mango tree stands.

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