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Simalaha Horse Safari

Feel the close relationship between wildlife and humans while horse riding in Zambia. Spending your time in the saddle makes your trip to Zambia even more meaningful. Horse safaris in Zambia are an enchanting activity for solo travelers and couples. Ntanda Ventures & Simalaha offer an amazing horseback safari experience.


  • Get the most out of Zambia's stunning scenery on a horseback
  • See wildebeest, zebra, giraffe and antelope from a new perspective during a horse safari.
  • Support local communities that are involved in conservation.
  • Visit the magnificent Victoria Falls and Livingstone.
  • Toast on life during sunset on a Zambezi river cruise.

Horse Safaris - The Ultimate African Adventure

 Simalaha is a Community Conservancy in Western Zambia. You can explore the ancient terrain, and unspoiled wilderness on a horseback. The Lozi people of Simalaha may be observed by riders. We ride with small groups, not only a perfect way to see animals but also to make new friends during the ride.

Safari in Zambia on the Zambezi Flats with Simalaha Horse Rides is a fantastic adventure for your holiday .  A horse safari lets you experience the real and raw Africa on the Zambezi flats. Simalaha is  close to Victoria Falls, Livingstone, making the experience ideal with a combination of a visit to the not to miss world heritage site. 

Simalaha offers numerous riding possibilities with panoramic views of water and forest, always close to some sort of animal. There are few roads in this untouched wilderness zone, so all excursions are accompanied by pack mules and saddle bags.

​The horses are made up of Basuto ponies, quarter horses, and Boerperds from South Africa. We prefer gentle routes with Western and Australian stock saddles. A riding group consists of a maximum of eight people and a minimum of four. Each day, you'll sit in the saddle for four to six hours. During the hottest part of the day, guests may unwind in the tent camp on the high ground and take in the stunning views of Simalaha plains. A picnic supper will be provided on full riding days, and riders will take a well-deserved rest in the tented camps.

At Chundukwa River Lodge, which is about 65 kilometers upriver from Victoria Falls, you may stretch out on the deck or inside one of its four luxury suites and enjoy panoramic river views. End your riding holiday with some rest and relaxation here before taking a sunset cruise around the falls. Chundukwa is also home to Doug's horse herd. Enthusiasts can go riding in the surrounding wilderness and along the river while staying at the lodge.

‘In the Simalaha Community Conservancy the Sesheke and Sekhute Chiefdoms are taking ownership of their own destiny: following a community-led approach to improve basic human rights – such as access to food, health, livelihood opportunities and education – by responsibly managing and protecting natural resources and wildlife.’ (Source: Simalaha Website)

The word Sim – a – la – ha means ‘come together’

Things to do

  • Take your horse for a ride freely in Simalaha, which is approximately 520,000 square kilometers of pristine Zambian wilderness.
  • Have the ideal balance between the horse and the rider that you've selected.
  • Enjoy the natural beauty while riding and get some fresh air from the saddle.
  • Chat with friends and lovers when you are in the slow ride
  • Take in the beautiful scenery and have a picnic lunch surrounded by trees.
  • Get involved with the community from the Simalaha
  • Stay at the eco-friendly camps and well-established Lodge

Essential Facts

3 itineraries available

Maximum of eight and a minimum of four people.

Average of 4 - 6 hours riding per day 

Picnic lunch in the full riding days

Best Times to Visit

It reopens on the 1st July every year. You can come at this wonderful time.


•  Seven nights (riding with wildlife, Chundukwa and Victoria Falls)

•  Five nights and Victoria Falls

•  Three nights (Simalaha riding only)


- Horse Riding safari Tour 

- Game Viewing

- Bird Tour safari 

- Sport Activity

- Scenic Viewing

- Picnic Lunch

- Community-Led Activity

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Simalaha Horse Safari

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Simalaha Horse Safari in Zambia offers an exciting opportunity to explore the serene and beautiful Simalaha Island, a remote, unspoiled sanctuary located in Lake Kariba. With its untouched landscape of acacia bushes, rocky outcrops, island-filled waters and the occasional zebra or giraffe grazing nearby, Simalaha Island is truly something special.

This unique safari experience combines the best of both worlds – adventure on horseback as you traverse over Simalaha’s rugged terrain and peace of mind when stopping for a swim or boat ride on one of its many pristine lakes. Taking part in this Simalaha Horse Safari also allows guests to witness amazing wildlife sightings including buffalo herds , hyenas, warthogs and hippos.If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Ntanda Ventures, please contact us at info@ntandaventures.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Simalaha Horse Safari

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