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Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Africa that is known for its sprawling Victoria Falls, one of the world's largest waterfalls, as well as it's spectacular game drives and wildlife viewing. Other popular things to do in Zambia include going on safari and see elephants, lions, and other animals.

Our Favorite Things to do Zambia

There are tons of things to do, much more then enjoying Zambia's pristine wilderness. Underneath we listed some of our favorite experiences.

Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls

See the Victoria falls from close

Nothing compares to be up close with an enormous amount of falling water that comes down from straight cliffs.  The mighty Victoria Falls are locally called the Mosi-oa-Tunya or "The Smoke That Thunders".  And that is what happens straight in front of you, the Zambezi River comes down in a thundering waterfall. Creating a huge cloud of water smoke with rainbow colors (even during bright moon light). A good view point on the Unesco world heritage site is the Knife-Edgebridge which can be reached walking. Going to the falls is an amazing trip. For real adventures, its also possible to see the fall laying in the water of the Zambezi. The so called devil's pool is a unique experience you will never forget. Or maybe you like to go bungee jumping in one of the most iconic places of the world.

Walking Safari in Zambia
Walking Safari in Zambia

Go on Walking Safari in South Luangwa national park

Maybe the best possible way the discover wildlife along the Luangwa river is a guided walking safari. Immerse yourself completely into nature and learn all about this amazing national park. Slowly and quietly you will track footprints of animals, learn about plants, and might even see Lion prides or wild dog. Ofcourse all from a respectable safety distance, but close enough to see the animals from a whole new perspective. Its a complete different experience to walk through an African bush when you wade through the gras, instead of observing  from a Jeep.  Walking safaris are conducted by professional guides and last between 2 and 6 hours if you book a day trip, but its also possible, to complete immerse yourself into the wild and go on multiday walking safari of up to  2 weeks.

Experience The largest mammal migration on Earth

Every year from October through December you can observes the largest mammal migration on earth in Zambia.  During this time Kaskaka National Park is filled with more than a million straw-colored fruit bats. That means the East African Wildebeest Migration is not the biggest mammal migration on earth! While the sheer number of bats in this area can be overwhelming it can still make for surprisingly exciting the atmosphere in its surroundings: huge bird prey swoops through the sky and takes away bats for breakfast. You can also see the regular Kasanka specials including rare, swampy Sitatung antelope grazing early on the dambos (wetlands). This safari adventure is for all those who love wildlife.

Busanga Plains Zambia

Explore the Busanga plains with a game drive

Kafue National Park is among Africa's largest national parks but the least visited. In Kafue north-west lies the Busanga Plains, an important wetland reserve in Zambia. The park provides great game viewing opportunities. Huge herds of wild antelope graze the wetlands of this remote wilderness, and with their large populations they attracting plenty of predators like wild dogs or lions.

Canoe on the Lower Zambezi river

The Lower Zambezi river is a perfect place to experience nature at its finest. One of the best ways to explore this area, is by canoe with a local guide. Paddle your way through the wilderness, and see animals coming to the river for a drink. You might see elephants, hippos, zebra, puku, impala, buffalo, kudu, waterbuck, baboons and crocodiles and lot of different bird species. The scenery in the Lower Zambezi national park is stunning, It's possible to do one day as well as multiday tours in which you canoe downstream the river along with the current and sleep over on one the many islands in the river. Depending on you canoeing skills and adventure lust, you can choose to go in the dry season when the river is calm or during the wet season, when the current are faster.

Be part of the Kuomboka Ceremony

The Kuomboka (to get out of the water onto dry ground) is one of Zambia's most popular cultural ceremonies. The colorful event takes place every year Barotse Plain, when the waters of the Zambezi and Luapula rivers start to rise. This happens usually in March or April, but can differ from year to year depending on the rainfall. Then its time for the Lozi people who live on the floodplains to move their villages to higher grounds to be safe during the end of the rainy season when the plains flood. The Lozi King is leading the whole village, including all the animals in a massive procession over water to their higher home. The Litunga (king) travels in an enormous decorated barge, which is poled by hundreds of people. The Kuomboka is a spectacular event that is open for everyone and is definitely worth witnessing when you are in Zambia at the right time of year.

Visit Musokotwane Village

Meet the Toka people from the Musokotwane Village, located on the banks of the Zambezi River just below Victoria Falls. The Toka are a friendly, welcoming and hospitable people who are proud to show their way of life to visitors. Be received by a traditional traditional Chibwantu drink after which you can learn about their culture and traditions, see their gardens, join them in dancing and learn to cook their food. Visiting Musokotwana Village is a great way to get an insight into the local culture, local village life and to meet the friendly people of Zambia.

Tiger Fishing on the Lower Zambezi

One of the top things to do in Zambia is tiger fishing on the Lower Zambezi river. The Lower Zambezi is home to some of the biggest and most ferocious tiger fish in the world. These fish can grow up to 10kg and put up a fight that will test your strength and skills. Fishing for tiger fish is an adrenaline-pumping experience that is not to be missed.

So there you have it, the top things to do in Zambia. Whether you want to experience the wildlife, the culture or the thrill of tiger fishing, Zambia has something for everyone.

For more information on Things to do, visit our Experience Zambia page on the Ntanda Ventures website.

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Zambian born and the founder of Ntanda, Kerry’s love of Zambia was nurtured from a young age where she spent many years as a child in the Luangwa Valley.

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We have a soft spot for Southern Africa. Some of our most beloved and recommendable destinations include the Lower Zambezi, Victoria Falls, South Luangwa, Mana Pools and Lake Malawi.
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We have a soft spot for Southern Africa. Some of our most beloved and recommendable destinations include the Lower Zambezi, Victoria Falls, South Luangwa, Mana Pools and Lake Malawi.
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