Lubinda Ntongo Ceremony

Every August, the Lubinda Ntongo Ceremony takes place in Kalumbila of the North-Western Province under Chief Mumena of the Kaonde people and is an age-old Zambian tradition of Africa. This ceremony not only contributes to the area's cultural identity and uniqueness, but it also helps in driving tourism by highlighting its distinctiveness. This ceremony is a must-visit for those who enjoy exploring different cultures and seeking unique experiences.



  • Celebrate the Lubinda Ntongo Ceremony this Thanksgiving
  • Explore Mumena Chiefdom-Kalumbila's traditional villages
  • Dance together with all participants
  • Captivate showcase of game viewing demonstrated by select hunters
  • Worship of the creator God believed


  • Reveling in the bounty of the harvest season
  • Constructing educational and healthcare facilities to create a better future for our communities
  • Engaging with the Kaonde-speaking members of Zambia
  • Witnessing the solidarity of traditional ceremonies
  • Attracting a diverse array of travelers from all gender backgrounds

Package Overview

Ever since 1992, the Mumena Kingdom has commemorated a ceremony that was instituted by its previous chief - Peter Kajoba or known as Chief Mumena V. Since ancient times, the people have always gathered to recognize significant occasions and mark seasonal changes.

Every year, this event celebrates gratitude by hosting a special one of traditional ceremonies. At the ceremony, the chief carefully inspects samples of crops and hunting successes yielded by his constituents.This momentous event draws in tourists from everywhere, along with esteemed representatives of government and corporate institutions. This ceremony not only contributes to the area's cultural identity and uniqueness, but it also helps in driving tourism by highlighting its distinctiveness.

Representing the strength and courage of the Mumena chiefdom, the Batembuzhi is a mighty lion that serves as its powerful totem. The crowd is kept on their toes with a variety of performing acts, including Nsakwa Ya Ba Kaonde and traditional shonongo and machancha dances. To honor Chief Mumena's generous hospitality in hosting refugees at Maheba, talented performers from Burundi set the stage ablaze through captivating drumming and feet stomping that has people cheering to their feet.

DAY 1 – arrive Solwezi

Located at the heart of Zambia's North-Western, Solwezi is a thriving capital city.  Of all the tribes represented in Solwezi, the Kaonde take up a sizable percentage and there is also a high population of Lunda and Luvale inhabitants. Solwezi is best known for its copper mining industry. Just three miles away from the bustling city center lies the Kifubwa Rock Stream Shelter on the Kifubwa. Intriguing inscriptions left behind by Stone Age people can be discovered in Solwezi. The town is a great place to stock up on supplies if you are driving from Lusaka westward or en route to Kafue from the north.

DAY 2- Tour of Kifubwa Rock-Shelter National Monument and visit Nsanshi Arts

The mysterious walls of this Stone Age shelter in Solwezi are adorned with an array of rare pigmented engravings - a hidden treasure from the past. Etched into the walls of a rock shelter, ancient symbols tell us stories from thousands of years ago, standing as testament to the people who first called this land home. Among the most remarkable traits of these rock shelters is a set of artful engravings beneath several massive overhanging rocks.These etchings are predominantly made up of intricate geometric lines and unique "U" shapes. 

In a distinct process known as incision, the rock shelter was delicately scraped and chipped with harder stones. Interestingly enough, Zambia took this technique one step further by adding in strokes of color to their engravings - creating artwork in hues of red pigment. In 1928, Western scholars uncovered Kifubwa Stream Rock Shelters and were pleasantly surprised to find evidence of Late Stone Age hunter-gatherer occupation that has been dated back 6,000 - 6,500 years. 

DAY 3- Lubinda Ntongo Traditional Ceremony

On this day, we will visit the Traditional Ceremony which is cerebrated as the heritage and Zambian culture. This yearly festival is an opportunity to express gratitude and rejoice, as it provides plenty of activities for all ages. Immerse yourself in Zambian culture and experience the traditions and rituals of its local people at a festival.

DAY 4- drive out to Kasempa and see salt mines and village life

A typical flourishing small municipality, approximately 550kms northwest of Lusaka, the capital. Situated on the western bank of the Lufupa River, Kasempa Town is at its southernmost point meets Kafue National Park.

Generations of Kaonde people have kept their culture salt-making alive, meticulously imparting the craft to younger generations.The women at Kaimbwe Salt Pan collect soil, set it alight, and sift the ash through an improvised strainer to obtain its useful contents. To ensure that the salt is clear, it is run through a sieve. The mixture should then be boiled over an open flame until all moisture has been removed and only pure salt remains.The salt is transformed into cone shapes and then heated until it becomes a solid rock, known as "nsumba.” It's quite common to find these bundles offered for sale alongside the roads.

Salt making in the village

As the proud home of the Kansanshi Mine, one of the world's most prominent copper mines with two open pits, and Lumwana copper mine situated in Chief Mukumbi's area, Northwestern Province is a veritable hub for natural resources.

Located in Northwestern Province, Ikeleng'i District is home to the origin of the majestic Zambezi River. Zambezi River its extensive journey there and journeys downstream across multiple countries before it culminates at Jimbe in Angola. Boasting some of the most fertile soil in the country, Mwinilunga and Ikeleng'i districts are country's preeminent areas for pineapple cultivation. With the correct marketing techniques, farmers in these two districts could monopolize the European pineapple market.

Pineapple farm

DAY 5 – departure Solwezi

For the groups of zambian traditional ceremonies, this tour will be the best for all. Happy department from Solwezi.

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Experience unique traditional ceremonies like no other when you travel to Zambia with Ntanda Ventures.  This Traditional Ceremony is a celebration steeped in ancient rituals and beliefs that have been passed down for generations.  During this unique ceremony you will be immersed in the culture of this ancient community and be part of a journey that you will never forget.  Join us on an unforgettable journey now!

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