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“The valley of the leopards”  in eastern Zambia is the South Luangwa National Park, world-renowned for havens of wildlife in 9050 square kilometres.

This is the home of the African night game drives and ) has one of Africa's largest elephant concentrations. , where you can spot endemic species to this region like the Thornicroft's giraffe, Cookson's wildebeest and Crawshay's zebra . Visit Luangwa during the “emerald season” (from December to March) and you can cruise down the river and spot the summer migrants, including waders, flocks of herons, egrets, storks and more. South Luangwa in Zambia boasts a bird list with more than 450 species and where you can easily spot more than 100 species in a day. South Luangwa is also home to the big four and where you’ll see lions and leopards in all their majestic glory.

There is a range of camps spread out across the south park.

Camps Inside the park - Mfuwe lodge and the Bushcamps ( Kapamba, Bilimungwe, Chamilandu, Chindeni, Zungulila or Kuyenda), Chichele and Puku Ridge, Chinzombo and the Bushcamps (Muchenja, Kakuli, Luwi, Nsolo), Zikomo, Lion Camp,  Chikunto, Kafunta and the Bushcamps (Three Rivers and Island Bushcamp) Tafika and Chikoko, Luangwa River Camp, Nkwali, Luangwa Safari House and Robins House, Tena Tena, Nsefu and Kaingo and Mwamba Camp.

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South Luangwa National Park

  • Discover countless of different wildlife species including predators like lions, leopard, hyena and the critically endangered wild dog. 

  • Stay at some of the best safari accommodations in the world where wildlife frequent visits the premises. 

  • Find the largest hippo population of the world.

  • Vibrant array of birdlife including migrant birds and rare bird species like the Yellow billed African spoonbills. 

  • Feel one with nature during a walking safari or driving through the vast open plains of the Valley

  • Visit a community project or local village and meet the sweet local people who love to share their stories and traditions.


The home of the African walking safari and where you will find the black rhino.


This remote area is 4,636 square kilometres of virtually untouched landscapes and offers one of the finest wilderness experiences for an African safari. It is there are no permanent camps.

North Luangwa is in the oldest section of Africa's Great Rift Valley. The Luangwa River has shaped this unique landscape over millennia that many regard as “The Real Africa.”  

The ecosystem is home to a unique and diverse species community and is one of the last large undisturbed regions in central Africa. It is also the only park in Zambia boasting the Big 5.  This pristine wilderness landscape area teems with wildlife and offers one of the most spectacular settings for game viewing experiences in Africa. It is wild and untouched with no permanent camps, not easily accessible and offers walking safaris only. (Best time is July-October)

Camps in the park – North Luangwa Lodge, Mwaleshi and Takwela and Buffalo Camp.

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One of Zambia’s smallest parks at 254 km² and is situated on the eastern bank of the Luangwa. Luambe lies in the heart of the Luangwa valley between Lukusuzi, North and South Luangwa national parks.

The park was declared in 1938 and is one of the oldest conservation areas in Zambia. The wildlife found is similar to that of her neighbours and includes all the typical large herbivores, carnivores. The animals in Luambe presently are in lower densities than North and South Parks. Luambe is less crowded than its more famous neighbours and is steadily growing to be one of the better parks to visit as animals numbers are increasing.

Habitat diversity in Luambe National Park is enormous and within a few kilometers the vegetation ranges from riverine forest, cathedral mopane woodland, floodplain acacia thickets to the sausage tree-dotted open grasslands of the Chipuka plains. There are over 200 species of birds in Luambe and elephant populations as well as those of lion and leopard are said to be on the increase – so it’s well worth visiting now before the crowds catches on!


Luambe Camp & Conservation was formed and over the last 7 years, has quietly been achieving amazing results. Visiting Luambe is perfect place for those seeking a conservation safari in Africa and get involved.


Luangwa National Parks offer some fantastic conservation and sustainability projects which are well worth a visit

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