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Best Tour Operator in Zambia 2021 Ntanda Ventures


Explore Zambia with a Purpose

Experience a wildlife safari. Share your adventures. Create new friendships.

Empowering solo women travellers to explore an African Safari in Zambia fearlessly, through safety and local tour guides. Africa safaris designed for women by women led by award winning tour operator Ntanda Ventures. 

Highlights Women Safaris Zambia

Take some time back for yourself and discover your wild side in the peaceful African bush.


Encounter wild animals on an African walking safari or game drive experience,  while you explore the remote, wild bush with a professional safari guide


Experience local Zambian life, through conservation, culture, traditions, crafts and modern life in the bush.


Allow yourself to become actively involved through sharing stories with the local Zambian women and artisans. 

Our luxury safaris for women are specially tailored to provide an enlightening and empowering holiday experience.

We believe in inclusion, courage, respect, tolerance and positive impact.

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Zambian Women Selling local fabrics

Learn how Zambian women live and and work


Find your ''me time'' and do it your way!


Meet other women from all corners of the world and make new lifelong friends.

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Women love living life and we like to think of our safari as a lounge to share our stories and make new memories.

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Soak in the gentle sounds of the wilderness Safaris for Women in Zambia Ntanda


When you help another woman rise, we all shine……

Our favourite project is Ufulu pads which are washable, reusable menstrual pads.

Every day, many girls around are forced to miss school because they don't have access to sanitary towels. This is not only unfair, but it also puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to their education and future opportunities. 

Let’s keep girls in class and support the less fortunate women living in Mfuwe who make them and know that 100% of the profits from sales are used to support the communities in the Luangwa Valley.

See more about Ufulu pads

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Zambezi River Cruise Safaris for Women Zambia Ntanda Ventures.jpg

Join a Ntanda guided Safari for Women on a set departure date or enquire for your own bespoke itinerary.

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Women Safari Activities

Beside the safari and wildlife adventures our woman safaris include the following purpose activities. 

  • Seka dance performance

  • Visiting Community Shops 

  • Authentic Local Village Tours

  • Donate reusable / washable sanitary towels to young girls.

  • Visit Women Community Projects

Seka Dance

Feel re-energized by this vibrant, colorful and energetic traditional African dance experience with drums and the local village crowd. The Seka dance involves clapping, stomping, and shaking of the hips. Zambian women often wear brightly colored skirts and blouses while performing. 

Part of the Rustic Ladies Tour 18-29 November 2022

Mulberry Mongoose workshop visit

Mulberry Mongoose is a unique jewelry workshop that uses snare wire recovered from poaching traps to create handmade jewelry inspired by the African bush. The workshop is run by a team of skilled women, who love to share their work and stories. The group of creative and courageous ladies, believe in bringing women together  and to help each other achieve the seemingly impossible. The money the workshops earn goes into the lively hoods of the women and conservation efforts. A visit to the workshop and talk with the women is an inspirational experience. The ladies look out for each others like the Mongoose do (try to find them during your game drives) and during this visit you can be a part of it.

Part of the Rustic Ladies Tour 18-29 November 2022

Authentic Zambian Village Visit

There's no better way to get to know a place than by taking a local village tour. Immersing yourself in the local culture, you'll gain a better understanding of the people and the land. During our local village tour you will meet women who share you their stories about their livelihoods, language, food and the handicrafts they make. There will be lots of time for interaction, all your questions and fun. A guaranteed lifelong memory. 

Part of the Rustic Ladies Tour 18-29 November 2022

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Seka Dance Experience Zambia

Seka Dance Experience


Mulberry Mongoose Workshop 


Authentic Zambian Village Visit

A visit to a Community NGO veterinary project 

An opportunity to go out with a community vets and see observe their daily chores and activities, From vaccinating the local goats / cattle to advise to farmers.

NGO veterinary projects are important for the health of animals and the people who live near them. By vaccinating goats and cattle, NGO veterinarians help to prevent the spread of disease. In addition, NGO veterinarians often provide education to local people about how to properly care for their animals. As a result, NGO veterinary projects play a vital role in improving the health of both animals and people. It is an amazing experience, and you will learn a lot about the importance of NGO veterinary projects. 

Part of the Treasured chests ladies Tour 1-12 October  2022

A visit to a Community Women Bee Club


A visit to a local women's bee club where they are harvesting honey from captured bee colonies is an incredible experience. You will learn about the process of capturing the colonies, nurturing them, harvesting the honey and the impact the project has on these fearless women. 

Part of the Treasured chests ladies Tour 1-12 October  2022

Community Women Bee Club

Community Women Bee Club

Seshemo beads is a community of ladies who are using recycled glass to make jewelry and beads. They use different skills and traditional techniques to create beautiful beads from for example differently colored liquor bottles. During a visit you will see the process of making these beads by hand resulting in unique beads and jewelries. Seshemo beads are a great way to support these African women and their families.

Part of the Treasured chests ladies Tour 1-12 October  2022

A visit to Sishemo Beads

Sishemo Beads

Visit of women community garden group

The women community Garden project in Lower Zambezi is a really special place to visit. 

We get to spend some time helping the ladies in the garden and learn about their project and lives.

The community garden serves surrounding villages and lodges.  

The gardens are irrigated with help of a solar pump and tank. Grown vegetables include; tomatoes, rape, cabbage, lettuce and spinach. 

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  • Zambia is one of the safest counties in Africa.

  • Zambia is a peaceful nation, with friendly people who have a great sense of humor.

  • Vaccinated travelers can come to Zambia without quarantine and pcr test

  • Maleria Prophylaxis are recommended (please consult your local doctor)

  • Please enquire for options without single supplements

  • English is the main language in Zambia conversing with locals is easy

  • You wont be alone on our safaris unless you want to be

  • We pre-book and plan everything for you

  • Safety - the lodges will always give you a safety brief on arrival and your guide can answer any questions you have at anytime

Good to know

Martha Weidenbach

N I am working on my 3rd trip to Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia. Kerry picked the lodge and it couldn’t be any better! I sometimes text her and and ask lots of questions. And she always replies. I think of Kerry as a friend I have not met



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What to expect on our women safaris

Experience a wildlife safari in Zambia and discover the beauty and majesty of this unique African destination. Our luxury safaris for women are specially tailored to provide an enlightening and empowering holiday experience. Observe wild animals from close during a walking safari near the Luangwa river. Stay in extraordinary lodges in the middle of natural surroundings in the most enchanting locations of Zambia. Zip a glass of wine with new made friends while dreaming away with the most amazing backdrops you can imagine. Be mesmerized by the beauty of Victoria Falls. Experience local Zambian life, learn about conservation, culture and traditions. Buy crafts and support local women and learn from their life in the bush while we visit local villages and local school projects. 

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Why to go on a Woman Safari with Ntanda Ventures

Ntanda is an award winning female owned company, that connects woman travelers to local communities like no other. 

  • Ntanda Ventures is a proudly Zambian, 100% female owned company.

  • We know Zambia inside out 

  • We support lodges and camps that are eco-friendly and are beneficial to the local economy

  • Have female drivers and guides 

  • Power of the Pack - All our safaris support helping local woman rise so we all shine together.

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