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The oldest and largest national park in Zambia, Kafue is only a four-hour drive from Livingstone and Lusaka. Because of its excellent game viewing, stunning environment, and endless nature, the park is a favorite among tourists. Kafue is a great spot for families with loads of child activities, couples will love the romantic  backdrop and exquisite camps and boating activities.

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Kafue National Park 

  • Endless exploring in Kafue National Park which is the oldest National park in Zambia and 2nd largest sanctuary in the world.

  • Discover the home of 152 different species of mammals including hippo, cheetah and tree- climbing lions.

  • Have a quiet and authentic wildlife experience in this little-visited wilderness

  • Enjoy various landscapes with rivers, wetlands and endless plains. 

  • Spot up to 494 bird species during birdwatching tours

  • Get romantic with the stunning sunsets and lovely boat trips

Kafue National Park is a truly diverse part of Zambia, with landscapes ranging from flat, open grasslands to woodland and huge granite hills. You can take your pick when it comes to spotting wildlife.  The flat grasslands are the perfect place to see buffalo, zebra and wildebeest, in the swamps you find huge herds of hundreds or thousands of the red Lechwe antelope. Kafue is also one of the best places to visit in Zambia to see lions, leopards and when lucky cheetahs and wild dogs.

First established as a National Park in the 1950’s by the legendary Norman Carr. Game viewing can be hard due to the size of this park, therefor skilled guides make a big difference.

African Parks together with the Government of Zambia are working to develop and protect Kafue further to make the park even more interesting to visit.  


Zambia’s best kept secret is the Busanga Plains in the North of the Kafue National Park. Which is home to one of the few known breeding sites for endangered wattle cranes.

The Busanga Plain is 720km2 of palm groves, papyrus-choked reed beds and lily-covered lagoons representing one of the few wetland wildernesses in the world and makes access impossible from November to May.


- The lions of Busanga are a highlight and offer incredible encounters as these cats move around the floodplains.

- Birding diversity is incredible due to the water, fig tree islands and floodplains. 500 bird species have been recorded.

- Lechwe are in extensive populations and the topography of the land makes for a photographer’s haven!

- A wide variety of species is found on the plains including Lion, Cheetah, African Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Oribi, Roan, Lechwe, Zebra and Blue Wildebeest and elephants.


Camps in the Busanga – Shumba camp, Busanga plains camp, Chisa Camp, Kasonso and Ntemwa-Busanga Camp.

Camps in the North Park- Fig Tree, Mapunga, Macbrides, Hippo Camp, Kafue River Lodge, Musekese and Mohzi Camp (the closest campsite to the Busanga Plains) and Kubu Kweena

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CENTRAL KAFUE  - offers a great option if time is short or as a stopover before you venture deeper into the park or on your way to Liuwa Plain National Park. It is only a 4 hour drive from Lusaka and you are in the heart of the Kafue National Park with excellent game viewing.

Camps – Mukambi, the luxury tented lodge Ila Safari Lodge, Kasabushi, Pinnon Camp and Mayukuyuku

Game Drive Musungwa Camp South Kafue National Park Zambia Ntanda Ventures
Luxury Safari Tent Ila Safari Lodge Kafue National Park Zambia Ntanda Ventures


Despite its size and prominent location only two hours drive from Livingstone, it remains little-known and largely unexplored with vast tracts of its virgin bush still untouched. Thanks to its size and variety of habitat types the Kafue holds a fantastic diversity of wildlife and activities. The Kafue River and all its channels, rapids and islands lend itself to a range of exciting river-based activities which include boat cruises, fishing, birding, canoeing and river trails. Game drives and walking safaris are also available.

Southern Kafue is a paradise for self drive safaris and many camps offer excellent campsites.


Camps – KaingU, Nanzhila, Mawimbi, Konkomoyo, Shiluwe, Chibila and Musungwa.

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